Modeling Career

My fetishist character completes itself by taking part in fetish filming and photography. Since 2007, I have been working as an actor in Hungarian and international productions. As a reliable actor I have been fortunate enough to be a recurring cast member. In addtion, I am constantly looking for new opportunities, cooperations and filmings. If necessary, not only my person but the required clothing and outfit are available as well. I am not interested in homosexuality at all.


My clothing and tool collection provide wide range options for different outdoor and indoor styles.

Basic garments

  • catsuits - black, metallic blue and purple
  • masks open eyes and mouth
  • body
  • gloves
  • stockings

Heavy rubber

  • gas mask
  • mask nose only
  • collar with rubber spikes
  • harness

CD/TV outfit

  • wigs - pink, magenta and red
  • white face mask
  • corset (black, red)
  • mini skirt
  • tails skirt


  • rubber boots with lace
  • PVC boots (orange, red)

Full outfit

  • Latex Darth Vader


  • Vacbed