About Me

I am an extraordinary character who is interested in extraordinary experiences. Ever since my childhood I liked non-casual clothes, raincoats. I loved their smell, the glittering appearance and the special feeling when it touched my skin. Later, the japanned leather clothes were in the center of my interest and in 1997 the Internet opened new doors to latex for me. I knew it was different from the previous ones. In 1998 I bought my first latex body that I still enshrine and wear it sometimes. After that it got more and more intense: I became fetishist. I wanted not only to see these clothes on others and touch, but I also wanted to wear them.

In Hungary, there were only a few people involved in this topic, so I created the First Hungarian Latex Site in XXXX to introduce latex. In the beginning, I shared images and videos found on the web and in 1999 I started to release self-made footages. Unfortunately, I struck a snag, so I gave it up. I founded my own website in 2004, where I shared my authentical selfies taken using a tripod. This page has been updated now.

As I was continuously looking for new opportunities, in 2007 I got involved in my first Hungarian film production and in 2008 I took part in an international project. Extending my interest, two new worlds have opened up for me: filming and BDSM. "I could reach many places where I had the opportunity to get in touch with a lot of fantastic people, especially Femdoms who are active participants of this world. " Even today, I am very pleased to take part in a production.

Since the beginning, I have been a regular visitor of Hungarian fetish events and parties where I am known from. I hope I can meet you at one of the upcoming events!

Kinky regards,